War Paint in Summer


War Paint in Summer

Here I am; as the red of the war paint

slowly slides down from her face to her breasts.

Here I am; trying to free her high tied hair,

bound in which my obsession rests.

Here I go; evaporating under her naked sunlight;

Tangled into the weeds of night;

a fight, I lose, I might…

Here I go; becoming things I’ve never before;

Craving the sea while I’ve just reached her shore;

I know, I’m sure, want more…

Here we are; painted in orange stripes

and a thousand rising suns in between,

turning ripe.

Fueling the fires burning at the horizon,

having a lot more blue to wipe.

Here we are; breeze riding along the summer knight,

unbearably bright, too burning for the sight.

Washed up in sweaty tones;

on her tides in the dusk, echoed in violent moans.

Here… we are; dipped in the crimson light,

more insatiable despite;

Setting in the day; Rising through the night…

poem – Deven

artwork – @EroticWaterColor

Deven A.

This blog consists of the detailed prose and poetic collections from the imprinted memories of the obsessive knack to live the hell out of life. I, Deven A. am a Filmmaker, Poet and Photographer who puts forth the data gathered by my sense organs and my mind, in whatever decorative manner of words I can thread together. Travelling is a way of living for me and the words published on this site are only fragments of the profound feelings felt, lessons learnt, and life lived on the road. The Bearded Highway-Man aims to capture and present the true spirit of travel, poetry and life in its crudest and purest form…
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