I forget not the gleam;

the gliding beam warping around her bare shape.
The mysteries awaiting to be explored;

adventures to be unraveled on her scape.

In the muffled light from the windows,

she stood like the work of a mad artist;

and literature of an impeccable juggler of metaphors.
I forget not the tender warmth;

under the open sky, on a vulnerable me,

her skin grew like tides do on the shores.

I forget not, the feeling, as she came over to me under the sheets

like dark clouds over a burnt terrain;

the cracks in me only yearning for the pour.
I forget not the scent; a petrichor of sorts;

the touch of her hide corrupting me into a greed of wanting more.

I forget not the afternoons spent in her arms;

that blur down to a shade of orange with which I paint my nights.
I forget not the beguile breasts; her mellow feet, invasive thighs

and other such luring sights.

A new flavour fills me every time

I helplessly obsess over that every detail still alive in me.
And I forget not how she caged me in herself forever

and at the same time set me free…

words by Deven

artwork by @EroticWaterColor

Deven A.

This blog consists of the detailed prose and poetic collections from the imprinted memories of the obsessive knack to live the hell out of life. I, Deven A. am a Filmmaker, Poet and Photographer who puts forth the data gathered by my sense organs and my mind, in whatever decorative manner of words I can thread together. Travelling is a way of living for me and the words published on this site are only fragments of the profound feelings felt, lessons learnt, and life lived on the road. The Bearded Highway-Man aims to capture and present the true spirit of travel, poetry and life in its crudest and purest form…
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