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“Some evenings make love to the neural signals in your head.
Some caress the paths of inhibition,
others brush by the blissful woods of dopamine…”
– Deven

Written On The Sky



Written on the sky in clear letters;
Is the story of you and me.
That shall bring many two’s
Closer to becoming one’s.
And above all, ‘be’ a book for all those lost,
To peep into once in a while,
And find whatever their hearts consider is missing…



Saturday at Sula

Come thee hither, and gather a chalice of stardust,

Freshly grown on tender vines with curls like thine tresses.

Let alone the blue sky soar as your shelter

And your feet be not kissing the soil.

T’was I thou consumed, t’was thou I drank.

Of beseeching love shall we sing ballads

And ’bout thine beauty, some poetry.

A Cavalry Of Clouds


There can never be anything more awe-inspiring than music and dark monsoon clouds blanketing the earth on a June sunset and a blue sky.

Bright Mid Dark Films presents; Captured by Deven A.
A Time Lapse Series titled “A Cavalry Of Clouds” 
These Time Lapse Videos have been shot from the 7th floor of a building in Nashik (Maharashtra, India) on a powerful and cloudy monsoon days.

Put earphones on, HD mode up and Enjoy the view!

Link to Video:

Link To Sky Invasion:

Link to Cover Uncover:

The Pilgrim


Following photos are a collection clicked over the time period of three years starting from 2013 in my hometown Nashik (Maharashtra,India), which is one of the many Hindu pilgrimages. These images are portraits of the hundreds and thousands of travellers and residents at the mouth of the river Godavari (Ganges of South) who halt here either in search of God or because they have got nowhere else to go. These also include pictures from the recent Singhasta Kumbh Mela 2016 that hosted lakhs of Hindus flocking from across the country to bath in the holy river.

Not only is Old Town Nashik a reflection or a peek into the past of India, it has become a shelter for number of homeless and poor. ‘Festivals’ like the Kumbh Mela bring in nothing but more harm to the Environment and the ‘Holy’ River itself. This project does not endorse or encourage such behaviour, but all in all respects the beliefs of these travellers and fakeers, and only intents on the display of a documented Photographic compilation of The Pilgrims of Nashik.



Sometimes, you have to go through things and not around them…

These kids, and millions of others across the world fight Cancer with unbreakable spirit. No matter what, even in the tense conditions of a hospital they do not forget to give life a tough comeback with a smile as wide as the rainbow’s stretch. Eyes that speak out the purest emotions, no different than any other child. Being a parent of a child fighting cancer is not an easy deal, but these parents who walk through it with them, holding their tiny fingers, are the strongest people one can ever witness. Such an inspiring and touching experience was one that I had while having to capture images of these kids at Tata Memorial Hospital (Homi Bhabha Research Centre, Mumbai). These images were taken for the purpose of promotion of Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust’s Fund Raising event called PIGMENT that happened in Taj Land’s End (Mumbai) on 11th June, 2016 and I have NDMCT and The Social Hash to Thank for giving me this chance. NDMCT has been working for these kids with untiring effort and initiative. You may check out their official website at

The theme of the following images is “Eyes”; you may know why when you view them.