Month: February 2018




We, a spaceless space;
Painting each other with hearts that race.
Into our arms, sink, and glide,
Like two stars, in a dark sky collide.
We, on our bosom, like little specks;
Lay our bed tonight onto our necks.
As you show me things you hide,
In our cast away, on a high tide.
You, smell like old books;
I, like wine and sea;
While I learn you till ends;
Come try and find a home in me.
Like blankets and sheets and music tonight;
Touch the right spots; set things right.
You and I, tell us apart, try;
Lost into each other’s loins,
Breathless, upside down, brazen, not shy.
Lock and pour, hold and lean;
I say you, but me I mean;
Struck like matches till we burn;
Whip and churn till we cream.

poem by Deven A.

artwork by @EroticWaterColor