Month: October 2017

Little Death


Little Death

And so my palms meet her skin again;

softer than it did always feel in my countless reveries.

Her known, supple movement to my unravelling fingers,

comfort in on my weary hide.

As I reek of an unbathed longing;

She clasps on to me, my summer fragrance;

bringing mends to my broken side.

Season comes for our lips to meet;

 and then hers between mine, and mine between her feet.

Under unwashed sheets my cracks heal;

warming up to her in an everlasting seal.

But then the thirst defeats resistance;

 I crawl up back to her neck as my tongue treks the distance.

She bites her lip and in bliss we sigh;

while I kneel between her thigh.

With her legs around my hips, she holds her stance;

singing to our graceful dance.

Disrupting, my love, throws her head back and I bow mine.

As if possessed, as if stuck in time;

our limbs shiver as if having their own mind;

and we die, a little death…

At last into bones and flesh, she breaths life,

a strife with yearning comes to an end.

I make her mine, again, much more than any time before.

And lay there, still amused to the newness of her touch.

Floating weightless in a trance, in her arms;

I’m cured.

poem – Deven

artrwork – @alphachanneling