Month: March 2017

War Paint in Summer


War Paint in Summer

Here I am; as the red of the war paint

slowly slides down from her face to her breasts.

Here I am; trying to free her high tied hair,

bound in which my obsession rests.

Here I go; evaporating under her naked sunlight;

Tangled into the weeds of night;

a fight, I lose, I might…

Here I go; becoming things I’ve never before;

Craving the sea while I’ve just reached her shore;

I know, I’m sure, want more…

Here we are; painted in orange stripes

and a thousand rising suns in between,

turning ripe.

Fueling the fires burning at the horizon,

having a lot more blue to wipe.

Here we are; breeze riding along the summer knight,

unbearably bright, too burning for the sight.

Washed up in sweaty tones;

on her tides in the dusk, echoed in violent moans.

Here… we are; dipped in the crimson light,

more insatiable despite;

Setting in the day; Rising through the night…

poem – Deven

artwork – @alphachanneling