Month: December 2016




The devastation of my demons

Resides in the havens of her velveteen arms.

The subtle eclipse sun dips in the ocean right underneath her brows,

Drowning a mob of words I gather to speak.

A serpent of need entwines,

Binds us at the waist and wrists,

And sings her song to me in hushed tones.

I can taste her scent, see her voice, and feel her colours,

Trying to gulp me down whole.

Where I may lay brazen in my naked thoughts,

Careless of the world’s spiteful march at me.

She, my beach sand to lie down upon and slowly sink.

She, my parachute to jump off of space-time’s brink.

I her rock to hold upon in the flood,

Through her veins into my blood,

A rush of yearning that grows inside me.

And I shall keep on with this endless swim

into her stormy tides,

Until one day I vanish.

Lost in the labyrinths of those spring tresses,

Resting shyly upon the shores of her irresistibly crafted back,

To be found someday, safe on an island,

Engulfed in her…

poem – Deven

artwork – @alphachanneling